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Full Motorbike Licence in one week

Don’t want to hang around?  Get your full motorbike licence in just 1 week!

We offer multi day courses so that you can obtain your full motorcycle licence in one week. The amount of days required will depend on your previous experience.

4 Day Course (recommended for experienced riders)

CBT, Theory Test, 3 days Direct Access Training, Test Centre Hire, Practical Tests (Module 1 & 2)


5 Day Course

CBT, Theory Test, 4 days Direct Access Training, Practical Tests (Module 1 & 2)


6 Day Course (recommended for less experienced learners)

CBT, Theory Test, 5 days Direct Access Training, Practical Tests (Module 1 & 2)


Please note: These courses are not recommended for brand new learners with no riding experience, or learners with limited experience.  We currently recommend that you book a CBT first, so that we can assess your riding, and then the bigger bike training will be conducted as intensively as we’re able to do.

It’s also worth noting – we are happy to amend the courses (and course prices) if you have already completed some aspects of the course, i.e. if you already have a CBT certificate, or have completed your motorcycle theory test.