Restricted Access

The New test explained

Options from 19th January 2013:

Process = Motorcycle theory test, CBT, Module 1, Module 2 

A1: At age 17/18 : You can take your test on a learner 125cc bike

Pass this and you can just ride a 125cc - nothing above! You now have to wait for 2 years or until you reach 19 years of age where you can either stay on just the 125cc bike or take training and the next stage of test (A2): 

A2: At age 19: You can take your test on a 400cc learner bike

Pass this and you can ride a bike up to 46.6 Bhp. You can restrict any motorcycle to this power so long as the original manufacturer's declared output was less than 92 Bhp. Large bikes such as Honda CBR1000, Suzuki GSX1000, Triumph Sprint etc. are not allowed. Now wait a minimum of 2 years to qualify for the next test, or reach the right age bracket. You can now choose to stay on your restricted bike or take training and test in the next stage of test (A): 

A: At 24: You can take your test on a 600cc motorcycle

Pass this test and you can ride any bike, any size, any power. 

Restricted Access Training Courses Prices

3 Day Training Course £690.00
4 Day Training Course £920.00
5 Day Training Course £1150.00

These prices include bike hire and equipment. They do not include the theory and practical bike test fees.

Additional costs to consider

The bike theory test is £23 and needs to be completed before the Direct Access practical bike test can be booked. The practical bike test is broken into two parts:

  • Module 1 - £15.50
  • Module 2 - £75.00

The courses will be timed to immediately precede your practical test.

Depending on the time of your practical tests, you may be required to book an additional half day of training.  This would cost an additional £130.00.

To book a Restricted Access Course you can either click here, or call our friendly team on: 0121 472 6336